About Us

At Wealth Bridge Advisory, we have developed a core belief system that is ingrained in the way we conduct our business.

We Believe:

  • that gambling and speculating are not the same as investing. The stock market should make for interesting dinner conversation, not be a matter of life or death.
  • that we have an ongoing obligation to educate our clients to help them attain peace-of-mind when it comes to financial matters.
  • we are our clients’ coaching partner for financial concerns. Our goal is to avoid the pitfalls of the financial world and help our clients overcome the confusion caused by conflicting messages from Wall Street and the media.
  • that working in concert with legal and/or tax advisors is critical to ensure a complete and accurate picture of your financial life.
  • that in order to meet our clients’ objectives we must review their investments, insurance, mortgages, and savings. At the same time we must also address the critical importance of personal concerns … with lots of hand holding along the way.
  • that when people reflect on their financial lives they will remember little about their portfolio returns. Instead, they will remember the impact their personal decisions made on their lives.
  • that a client needs to take an active role in the process … otherwise it doesn’t work.

These core beliefs enable us to be …
The Bridge to Your Financial Security

Client Bill of Rights

As you know, there are rules of the road that all drivers follow. Here are the rules and expectations we follow: At Wealth Bridge Advisory we provide our clients with expectation-exceeding service. Our chief concern is to meet the individual needs of our clients. We require our associates and affiliates to abide by the same standard. To ensure that every client is treated in a fair and ethical manner

You have the right to:
  • Ongoing monitoring and regular reviews of your financial plans, accounts, investments, insurance policies, and applicable legal and tax documents.
  • Have your calls and emails returned promptly.
  • Have complicated financial concepts explained in simple language.
  • Be treated with the utmost respect and integrity at all times.
  • Receive honest advice and feedback… even if it is hard to hear. 
  • Expect more than just a business relationship: a genuine personal relationship that takes your circumstances, values, and goals into consideration at all times.
  • Trust that Wealth Bridge Advisory is knowledgeable, properly registered, and up-to-speed with important developments that have the potential to impact you.
  • Know that when we meet, your advisor will be fully informed about all strategic decisions concerning your situation.
  • Have your privacy carefully guarded.

Our Expectations

To maximize the effectiveness of our relationships, our philosophy also includes certain client responsibilities. We expect you, as a client, to:

  • Fully disclose accurate information about your financial status and investment objectives, including goals, risk tolerance, and other pertinent details.
  • Ask any questions you may have about recommendations we make.
  • Ensure that you understand and are comfortable with all strategies, investments, risks, costs, and fees associated with your accounts.
  • Immediately notify us of any changes in your life that can affect your financial picture, e.g, contemplating a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or other significant
  • Be honest with your advisor about any accounts or investments you have with another firm or that you personally manage so that we are basing our recommendations knowing your total financial picture.
  • Read all literature and prospectuses provided to you.
  • Let us know immediately if we fail to meet your expectations in any way or if you do not understand or agree with any actions we propose.
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